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A Vietnamese chef’s new home | Let’s Eat

by Michael Klein, Updated: December 11, 2019



Written by

Sydney McElwee

The prequel to Hello Vietnam was a place called Nam Son Bakery - a South Philly spot with maybe the best banh mi sandwich in the city. When that closed in 2019, the owners opened Hello Vietnam in Northern Liberties with the same incredible banh mis on bread that’s baked in-house. But they now also have a full dinner service. The BYOB has a short but excellent menu that ranges from appetizers like grilled beef wrapped in grape leaves, broken rice plates, and huge bowls of pho for around $12. You could definitely come here for a weeknight date, but it would still work for your weekly “book club” meet up that’s really just an excuse to talk about the latest episode of Temptation Island.




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